Police Dog Overdoses On Heroin During Jail Search

As well as our loyal companions, we rely upon dogs in various aspects of our everyday life – often in places that we wouldn’t consider. From hospitals to rehabilitation centres, research has proven that animals play a pivotal role in our development, as well as in maintaining our physical and mental health.

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© Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

When we think of ‘service dogs‘ we immediately think of the police force and, whilst sniffer dogs have recently received some flack for their success rates, their devotion to their work is undeniable.

A drug detection dog accidentally overdosed on heroin whilst doing a routine search at Clackamas County jail, Oregon.

Abbie and her handler, Eliseo Ramos, were conducting a routine search on August 7 when the dog sniffed out heroin that had been smuggled in to the prison.

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© Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

The heroin container was accidentally knocked off a table, exposing Abbie to the drug. She subsequently began salivating, panting and blinking rapidly. Her head also started to shake.

An officer at the jail quickly administered a dose of Narcan for dogs, which contains nalaxone – a drug that reverses the effects of opioids like as heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil – into her nose.

Her condition then stabilised and she was transported to the vet.

Abbie is now recovering from the incident, having been released from the vet the next day, and it is hoped that she will soon return to optimum health.

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© Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

The incident comes following concerns surround the exposure of marijuana to animals, as states across the US continue to legalise the medicinal use of the substance. Whilst there are preliminary studies that suggest that the drug may benefit animals, the type and volume are yet to be determined, with many animals unwittingly ingesting it.

If your dog, or indeed any other animal, accidentally consumes any drug, we recommend seeking veterinary attention immediately to ensure that the correct treatment is issued.

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