Pink pups – fun fashion or animal cruelty?

Lia Catreux, a French model from Paris, has come under fire online recently for dying her Pomeranian bright pink.



Fluffy the Pomeranian has her own Instagram account, run by her owner, in which she shows off her daily adventures with hot pink fur.


Despite the colourful grooming being completed by professional groomers, with dog safe dye, many comments on Fluffy’s Instagram pictures show animal-lover’s distaste for Fluffy’s bright new ‘do.


If you’d like to see more of Fluffy, visit her Instagram HERE (and be sure to follow us too @tailstercom).

We want to hear your opinion – is dying your dog a fun & harmless gimmick, or is it attention seeking animal cruelty? Let us know by tweeting us @tailstercom or join the conversation in the comments below.

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Images via Daily Mail Online

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