Pet-proofing the Christmas tree

Christmas is a great time to rest, be jolly and enjoy time with family. At Tailster, we believe your pet is very much part of the family – but have you thought about how something as simple as bringing in a Christmas tree to your home, may cause some confusion for them? Especially if they treat it as their new favourite post to take a wee?!

Here are some tips that might be worth implementing to ensure your Christmas tree is pet-proofed and potentially pee-free!


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Raise the tree from the ground – even having it a few inches off the ground means your pet will be less likely to do their business on the tree. You’ll also be protecting your pet/wallet from expensive baubles that could easily fall and smash when they get too excited. The tree may potentially fall too, so pick a tree that’s a medium height.

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Choose baubles and tree decorations with your pet in mind – tree decorations can be dangerous for pets, especially if they fall off and end up being chewed on or treated as a toy. Avoid those fancy baubles that might smash if they fall off the tree – if you want them, be sure to place them higher up the tree, out of reach.

You should also be careful of electric cords. Pets can manage to get themselves caught in some of the loops and dogs in particular may want to chew through these. If possible, tape wires to the wall, or keep well out of reach behind the tree. Your pet may also be in for a nasty surprise if they chew through the cables – electrocution and a trip to the vet is not fun during the holiday period.

Make sure your dog does not drink the water – water from the base of your tree can become dangerous for the dog. It’s important to keep it covered and refrain from putting chemical fertilisers in it. Pine needles are a potential choking hazard and swallowing water is likely to lead to a vomiting bout. If your pet likes to take a sip of anything it comes across, a natural Christmas tree may not be the safest option.

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Be careful about the presence of presents under the tree – you’ve re-mortgaged the house in order to pay for all those Christmas presents and spent hours wrapping them perfectly to place under your tree. Your pet sees them as a challenge, and a likely session of fun. It might be a good idea to place presents in boxes, ready to wrap and perhaps wait until Christmas morning to place them under the tree.

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Use aluminium foil – apparently, this works as a great deterrent as cats and dogs do not like to walk on a texture they don’t like. Foil should be readily available in the house – just don’t use it to cover the turkey on Christmas day afterwards!

It’s a guarantee your dog will see your Christmas tree as somewhat of a challenge – but if you follow some of these tips, there should be no tears over the Christmas period when it comes to your pet and your tree. If you’ve planned a last minute escape over the holiday period, some of our carers still have availability. Just fill out the request below – it’s free and only takes a minute.

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