People Are Posting Their Pets’ Best Qualities For Online ‘Job Interviews’

We all think that our pets are the best and will defy anyone to convince us otherwise – it’s just not possible (sorry…).

Whether they’re competing on looks, personality or skills, every owner would rate their own animals above everyone else’s, which is totally understandable!

People are so proud of their pets, in fact, that they’re rushing online to boast about their extraordinary skills…

People on Reddit are listing their pets’ best qualities for pretend job interviews – and some of them are quite fabulous!

The trend began when Reddit user MischiefDame asked people on the site:

“Your pet has a job interview tomorrow but needs help writing their resume. What are your pets best skills and qualities?” 

His question was met with an abundance of responses, with proud owners flocking in to tell the world about just how wonderful their animals really are!

From good to the bad and the frankly hysterical, we decided to put together some of our favourite responses for your amusement…

So, What Are Your Pets’ Best Skills And Qualities?

We all know someone who likes to take up far more space than they need…


This rather generous cat brought home their own Easter feast… um, thanks?


Sometimes one skill isn’t enough, you’ve got to really sell yourself… (we can relate to no. 4)


We’ve met far too many similar candidates in our time…


Committed… persistent… the ideal candidate!


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