Obese Dog ‘Hattie The Fattie’ Unveils Slimline New Figure

We’re all guilty of giving our dogs a few too many treats from time to time – we just can’t help ourselves!

Whilst it may keep them happy in the short-term, in the long run it can have serious consequences on their physical and mental health, resulting in them becoming overweight and unable to get the exercise that they need.

We’d always encourage owners to adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle for their dog; Hattie learned her lesson the hard way…

Britain’s fattest dog, nicknamed Hattie The Fattie, has unveiled her new slimline figure, dropping half of her 47kg body weight!

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Living on a diet of burgers, staff at Gables Farm Dogs and Cats home started a fundraising campaign in a bid to get Hattie a tummy tuck in the hope of getting her back on the right track.

Before their target could be reached, however, Hattie was put on a strict diet and exercise regime and has now lost half of her body weight.

No longer needing the operation, the eight year old dog – who staff at the centre said looked more like a pot-bellied pig – is now 23kg and in far better health.

Although still facing health problems as a result of her former poor lifestyle, including diabetes and cataracts, staff at the centre believe that the new regime will improve her general well-being and overall quality of life.

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Speaking of Hattie’s change in lifestyle, Ruth Rickard, who has worked at the centre for 10 years, said:

“When I first saw Hattie I couldn’t believe it as she looked more like a pot bellied pig than a dog.

I just knew we had to try and help her. I take her home with me at night so I can administer her insulin injections, which she tolerates very well.

As the weight has started to come off we have found that she is very spirited and extremely loving, despite the fact we put her on a diet.

Since she started losing weight, she’s changed – it was like she had no real enjoyment of life before and was just existing.

She now spends her days in our reception, keeping an eye on the staff and customers, and as we watch her gain confidence and lose weight it makes me proud.”

We’re amazed by how good Hattie looks! It just goes to show, it only takes a few simple changes to make a huge difference and drastically improve your dog’s lifestyle!

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