Nine Puppies Found Dumped In Recycling Bin

The recent UK heatwave has led to an increase in the number of animals being abandoned across the country, with charities pleading owners to take their unwanted pets to shelters and charities as opposed to simply dumping them.

Despite the warnings, however, a large number of pets are still being deserted, placing their health and life in jeopardy. If left in good hands, though, charities are suggesting that the animals can be given a second chance at life.

Nine ‘extremely sick’ puppies that were found dumped in a recycling bin during a hot spell last year have made a remarkable recovery and have now all been re-homed.

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It is believed that the puppies were abandoned by someone who was trying to sell them from the back of a van in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Upon failing to profit from the nine puppies, they were subsequently abandoned.

Described as being ‘extremely sick’, the dogs were taken to a nearby RSPCA centre. They have since been renamed – Agnes, Barbara, Cheryl, Davina, Denise, Jerry, Jim, Joey and Norman – and have all now been adopted.

Speaking of the dogs’ recovery, Mel Fisher from the RSPCA said:

“I found a van dumped nearby and, tucked behind some nearby bushes, a large plastic bin with nine puppies inside.

It was during a hot spell so they were panting and really quiet because they were in such baking heat.

They’re doing really well. When they first came in they were lethargic and quiet, they had diarrhoea and [we were] quite worried.

[When we rescued them] they were so un-puppy like, they were very quiet and very thirsty, and to see them now acting like proper puppies causing chaos is just lovely because they are little personalities again, which is brilliant.”

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An investigation has been launched in a bid to uncover exactly what happened to the dogs, with the hope of prosecuting whoever is responsible for their neglect.

It is hoped that publicising the puppies’ incredible recovery will encourage owners to act responsibly with any unwanted pets, ensuring that they get a second chance at life and aren’t left to suffer.

Whether the inquest is successful or not, what matters is that the dogs are now healthy, happy and loving life in their new homes.

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