New Year’s Eve Fireworks: How To Keep Your Dog Calm

Up to 45% of dogs are scared of fireworks according to the RSPCA. Last year there were some 10,000 fireworks in Central London alone… so what do you do?

Fireworks are an exciting way to bring in the New Year but it can be an anxiety inducing time for your pets. We have some Tailster tips on how to help your dog through the annual firework displays we enjoy on New Year’s Eve…

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1. Have someone at home

It might be that you’re out watching a display yourself on New Year’s Eve so why not use Tailster to find a pet carer? You can make a request here. It’s free and only takes a minute.

Most importantly, we want to ensure that our pets are feeling protected, comfortable and happy when they ring in the new year.

2. Distract and remain calm!

Consider turning on the TV or radio as this can help to distract your pet. If they’ve been struggling throughout bonfire season, you may have been able to take the opportunity to desensitise them in time for the New Year. If not, there’s still time! Try playing YouTube clips in the lead up to the new year quietly. This can help your dog get used to the sounds that will be around during New Year’s Eve.

Though it may seem difficult to remain calm whilst you’re stressing about your pets, they are so in tune with your emotions and may feel your anxiety. Keep them company and sit down to watch a festive film together. This can be one of the most effective ways of distracting your pet from the loud noises outside.

3. Safety first

Create a safe corner or space for your pet with all of their favourite cushions, toys and blankets. This can provide a safe space for them to hide if they feel uncomfortable. Make sure all doors, windows and curtains are drawn before the fireworks begin.

Similarly cat owners should create a safe space for their cats to hide and try to ensure your outdoor cats are kept inside for the duration of New Year’s Eve. Leave them to hide if that’s what they feel more comfortable doing instead of coaxing them out.

4. Prepare early

If you know there are scheduled events near by, try walking your dog earlier in the day and feeding your pet earlier than the fireworks are expected to begin. This is an effective way to get your dog through their normal activities before the firework displays kick off.

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