Missing dog found after 8 months, in airport?!

When Diesel went missing, his owner’s lost all hope having not heard anything for months.

But 8 months later, they were in for a lovely surprise – Diesel was found around Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport – clearly inspired by Tom Hanks in the Terminal movie!

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Airport staff called police when they discovered Diesel wandering around Terminal 1 in the early hours of this weekend. The apparent chase to capture him also resulted in one of the officers falling over in the process, as Diesel made a run(way) for it.

Again, the benefits of microchipping (now compulsory of course) came into play, as Diesel was able to be traced back to his owner, a pet owner in Salford. Surprisingly, Salford is not particularly near the airport.

Sgt Jameson told Manchester Evening News –

“We have no idea how Diesel got here, maybe he wanted a nice holiday away, but we currently have no leads as to what he’s been up to for the last eight months.”

It seems Sgt Jameson loves his dog gags.

Summary of the story – get your dog microchipped, there’s always hope if it ever goes missing.

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