‘Mini-Pig’ Grows Into 18 Stone Therapy Pet

When taking on a new pet, it’s essential that you know what you’re letting yourself in for so that you’re fully prepared for every eventuality.

There’s an extensive list of questions that you should definitely be asking:

  • What’s their temperament like?
  • Do they have any specific needs?
  • Are there any related health problems?
  • and, most importantly – How big do they grow?

The answers are usually easy to find, meaning that more often than not you’re not going to end up in a sticky situation. In some instances, however, misunderstandings of this nature can have frankly bizarre consequences…

Marcela Iglesias was in for quite a shock when her adorable mini-pig, Chuy, actually turned out to be a normal piglet – and grew to be a massive 18 stone!

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© Marcela Iglesias / Caters News

She was shocked when the mini-pig that she bought five years ago grew into a normal sized pig, becoming the latest in a long line of owners who have fallen into the mini-pig/normal sized piglet trap.

Having wanted a mini-pig all of her life, she spotted an advert on Facebook and immediately jumped at the chance of taking home her very own dream pet. She was, naturally, overjoyed!

Within six months of adoption, however, the pig had quadrupled in size, suggesting that something wasn’t quite right. She expected Chuy to grow to no more than 3 stone 7lb.

Whilst she didn’t expect the pig to grow to such an immense size, she has stood by him, as he now acts as a therapy pet to help her deal with her anxiety.

Speaking of her bond with the would-be mini-pig, she said:

“I thought I was getting a mini-pig at around 50lbs tops, after seeing his mom and dad I thought that he would be small too.

But by six months he had quadrupled in size, he kept growing, I don’t know if it was because I overfed him at first.

Despite this fact that he kept getting bigger, I never thought of abandoning him or taking him to a shelter.

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© Marcela Iglesias / Caters News

I treat him like a young child, I clean him, sing him songs and give him massages – no one takes care of him like me.”

Having had a neighbour call animal control on her, Ms. Iglesias got Chuy a permit to officially register him as an emotional support animal, meaning that he was legally allowed to stay with her.

She later moved to an area where pigs are allowed and adopted two more, named Bella and Stella, and also began to work alongside The Little Angels Project – a charity that provides surgical procedures and medical treatments for animals that need it, before finding new homes for them.

We’re so glad that the story had a happy ending, with Chuy loving life at home with his two new piggy pals!

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