Meghan & Harry Meet Ireland’s Presidential Pooches

It’s near impossible to turn on the news these days without hearing about the whereabouts of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Since the wedding, especially, they’re everywhere!

Earlier this year, we reported on Meghan’s rescue Beagle, Guy, who has since moved into Kensington Palace and become quite good friends with the Queen and her royal pooches apparently. Ever the dog lovers, Meghan and Harry had the honour of meeting some more equally high-profile pups whilst out on the road…

During a royal tour of Ireland, Meghan and Harry were warmly welcomed by President Michael Higgins, his wife Sabina and their adorable dogs Brod and Sioda.

Seeming to enjoy the Duke and Dutchess’ company, the dogs promptly ran over to greet Meghan and Harry as they walked out into the garden following a tour of the residence.

They subsequently stayed with the party for the remainder of the visit, barking at journalists along the way and begging for the attention of the royals even as they said their goodbyes.

It seems that Meghan has quite a way with pooches – as well as rescuing a pup of her own, Prince Harry has also revealed that the Queen’s Corgis are particularly fond of her.

636669018519453743 AP Ireland Royals

© Julien Behal / Irish Government

Speaking during their engagement interview in November 2017, they said:

Harry: “[I spent] the last 33 years being barked at. This one walks in, absolutely nothing”

Meghan: “They were laying on my feet during tea!”

Harry: “Just wagging tails. I was like argh!”

Aside from Guy, Meghan has another rescue dog, who is currently staying with close friends of hers back in the US. We imagine it won’t be long before they come over to sample their new regal lifestyle!

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