Meet Noodle The Paddle Boarding Cat

Out of cats and dogs, it’s usually dogs that prefer to be by their owner’s side, throwing themselves into whatever activities are taking place.

The UK’s first doggy surf school recently opened in Devon, providing a new, innovative way of exercising and socialising dogs.

The reputation of cats may be a little unfair, however, as some do seem to enjoy joining in with their owner’s activities…

Noodle the cat loves nothing more than to go paddle boarding with her owner, 72 year old retired maths teacher Nigel Edmunds.

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© Nigel Edmunds /

Nigel first began the activity four years ago and, being so closely bonded with Noodle, decided to take the cat along to join in with the fun!

Living in Brightlingsea, Essex, the two go out on the nearby Colne Estuary at least once per week, as well as frequent walks together (despite Noodle being an indoor cat).

Noodle is apparently quite into the whole thing, with Nigel revealing that, when she wants a better view, she jumps up on his shoulder.

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© Nigel Edmunds /

Speaking of sharing the hobby with his beloved cat, Nigel has said:

“My wife was walking near the river with a group of friends so I said, ‘I’ll come over with my paddle board and bring Noodle with me’.

Jackie said I was crackers but when she saw her on the board she realised how relaxed she was on it.

The lovely part of it is the pleasure it gives other people. We just about stop the river when we’re there.

We take her for walks every day on a lead. She comes everywhere with us. We’re very close.”

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© Nigel Edmunds /

We love how close Nigel and Noodle have become and, whilst it’s quite unusual for a cat to be so comfortable by the water, we’re all for them sharing their passion with one another!

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