Manchester Fire Dogs To Receive Animal World OBE

Service dogs play a vital role in our lives in far more ways than we could ever imagine and often don’t get the appreciation that they deserve.

From helping the police detect the undetectable to playing a pivotal role in medical care for a whole host of conditions, we couldn’t do without the wealth of benefits that service animals offer.

Whilst the majority go under appreciated, some particularly special animals do get the recognition that they deserve…

Two fire service dogs from Greater Manchester, who were part of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, are set to receive special awards for ‘outstanding devotion and service to society’. 

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The two Labradors, named Echo and Cracker, are to be presented with PDSA Order of Merit during a ceremony set to take place in October.

Echo worked as a search and service dog from 2004 – 2013, assisting in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, whilst Cracker was trained to detect 20 different types of fire accelerant.

The Order of Merit recognises animals that display outstanding loyalty or service and is awarded to service animals in the police force, assistance dogs and medical detection dogs.

Speaking of honouring the dogs with the Order of Merit, Principal of Regional Veterinary Services at the PDSA, John Faulkner, has said:

“We are honoured to recognise Echo and Cracker’s devotion to duty with the PDSA Order of Merit – they are very deserving recipients.

Throughout their lengthy careers they have given valuable service to both Greater Manchester and the wider world with their skill and dedication.”

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To date, the award has been granted to 10 police horses and 7 dogs, with Echo and Cracker equally as deserving as those who have gone before them.

Bravo, we say!

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