Loyal Dog Waited With Missing Girl Until She Was Found

Dogs are the most popular pet in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re smart, they have their own little personalities, and research has shown that they actually empathise with their owners. It’s no wonder that they make such popular companions!

Proving exactly why they earned their reputation as ‘man’s best friend’, one particularly loyal Yorkshire Terrier was recently found to be stood watching over a missing child for more than 12 hours until rescuers eventually heard its barking.

Three year old Remy Merritt recently went missing from her home in Qulin, Missouri. Over 150 local people were involved in the search for the young girl, who slipped off the radar at around 8:30pm on June 14. Naturally, the search got underway soon thereafter.

It was ultimately the work of animals who helped reunite Remy with her parents, as their family Dog, Fat Heath, responded to calls from local search dogs. Following the call of the Terrier, the search party was lead to a dense cornfield, where little Remy had taken shelter overnight.

Speaking about the 12 hour search, Missouri State Highway Patrol officer Clark Parrott told ABC News:

“One of the dogs barked and a weaker bark was returned. We came to find out it was [Remy] Merritt and her Yorkshire terrier Fat Heath… down beneath the corn stalks. That dog stayed with her all night long.”

IMG 8561


The cornfield in which Remy was found was around a quarter of a mile away from her home. After a long 12 hours, she was thirsty and had incurred several mosquito bites. Otherwise, she is believed the be in good condition.

Whilst people were quick to praise the community’s effort in finding the little girl, many took to social media in praise of the dog. We couldn’t agree more – we sincerely hope that Fat Heath got a few extra treats that night!

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