Loyal Dog Tries To Wake Up Friend After He Was Hit By Car

Dog have long been ‘man’s best friend’ and are still widely recognised as one of the most loyal, faithful companions that we could ask for today.

Research has demonstrated their ability to empathise with humans, as well as the multitude of ways that they attempt to communicate their feelings.

Whilst we’re unable to hold a proper conversation with them just yet, all of the evidence of a dog’s loyalty and commitment that we could ever need can be seen right here…

These images show the heartbreaking moment that a loyal dog stood by his friend’s side, desperately trying to wake him after he was hit by a car.

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The images, captured by Shao Xiuqing at the scene on August 20 in Zhejiang, China, depict the tear jerking moment that the dog watched over his friend and tried to wake him as they stood in the middle of the road.

In the ensuing moments, he soon realised that the dog had sadly died, before beginning to sob and becoming visibly distressed.

The dog’s owner eventually arrived at the scene and took him away, and it is thought that the other dog swiftly followed.

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Of witnessing the dog’s devotion, Mr. Xiuqing said:

“The dog was reluctant to leave his friend who was dead.

He had a sad expression and from time to time was making what sounded like a sobbing sound. He kept pushing his companion with his paw like he was trying to wake him up.”

Whilst some people are skeptical of a dog’s loyalty, time and time again their immense devotion to their companions is exemplified, be they human, dog… or anything else, really!

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