How Tailster Helped Layla Become a Full-Time Cat Sitter

Layla is one of Tailster’s most popular cat sitters. Unhappy in her job, she decided to follow her passion for pets and became a full-time Tailster pet carer 2 years ago.

We had a chat with Layla to see how Tailster helped her start her successful pet business…

Hi Layla! Could you introduce yourself & tell us a little bit about what you do?

My name’s Layla Chahid and I work as a full-time pet carer on Tailster. I’ve been caring for cats and walking the occasional dog for 2 years now.

Why did you decide to become a pet carer?

I decided to become a pet carer as I love all types of animals and they seem to like me too – well, most of them… It doesn’t really feel like a job, it feels more like I am doing favours for owners and their pets!
I left my old job to be a pet carer as I was always a bit miserable doing that type of work. Working as a pet carer and being surrounded by animals has made me a happier person.
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What attracted you to the Tailster app?

Tailster’s website looked really professional. There were no sign up fees and there are lots of people on there looking for a pet carer! When you book via the website, everything’s covered by the insurance, and it’s also really flexible, so you can choose the pets that you would want to look after.


What are your top tips to make it as a pet carer?

  1. Be consistent and show that you are reliable.
  2. Keep calm in emergencies or if something doesn’t go the way that it’s supposed to.
  3. Be flexible, as sometimes you get last minute requests or changes to arrangements.
  4. Be trustworthy. People are giving you keys to their house and trusting you to look after their pets.

What should you avoid doing as a pet carer?

  1. Don’t take on too many pets. This can overload you and you’ll end up rushing your work.
  2. Don’t take on any work if you’re not covered by Tailster‘s insurance as anything could happen – make sure every booking is made through the site!

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“Layla was the absolute definition of professional and caring. She made leaving my pet easy and I felt comfortable knowing that she was taking care of him. She sent me loads of pictures videos and updates. Definitely will be booking with her again!!”

Dejon Moomena Jan 2, 2018

Do you have any advice for owners to help them find the right pet carer?

My advice would be to have a look at the pet sitter’s profile and their reviews.
Ask questions like:
  • Where would you walk my dog?
  • Do you have emergency transportation incase something happens?
  • What would you be doing while out on a dog walk?

Do you have any of your own pets?

I have 4 rescue cats and they’re all spoilt rotten.
Belle and Sid are mother and son – I adopted them from Celia Hammond animal rescue.
Oreo was only 6 weeks old. I got a call to say that someone had found a litter of kittens dumped in a bin.
Shifty Stan had a hard life before he came to our house. He had to fend for himself as his previous owner didn’t care too much and used to leave him outside in all types of weather. It took a long time to get him and the other cats to get along, but we got there. He’s a very naughty cat, hence the name ‘Shifty,’ but he’s also very loving!
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You can find Layla’s profile hereInterested in becoming a pet carer or looking to find someone to take care of your pets? Click here for more information on how you can find a Tailster carer in your local area!
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