Meet Penny – Kylie Jenners new puppy!

Kylie Jenner’s family of cute dogs is slowly increasing as she welcomes the newest member – Penny!

As Kylie’s 19th birthday is just around the corner, her best friend Jordyn Woods wanted to surprise her with an early birthday gift. Kylie’s Snapchat has been full of videos and pictures of the new addition, with Kylie gushing that Ernie, her dachshund, has a new girlfriend now. She has even begun documenting very important stages of a dog mum’s life – potty training and the naming of the pup – we think Penny really suits her!

Kylie already has three Italian greyhounds named Bambi, Norman and Sophie – as well as a dachshund named Ernie. Penny looks like she may be a tiny beagle puppy which may mean that, in a few months time, she will be the biggest of the pups!

Kylie couldn’t wait to share a snap of the two together, captioning it “mom duty”.

mom duty

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I wonder what Norman, Bambi, Sophie and Ernie REALLY think of Penny? Well, probably not much, but we bet they’re pretty happy to have a new best friend in their circle of cuteness.

Kylie really does have a squad of tiny, adorable dogs and we are certainly not complaining as one more is added to the group.

Now if anyone can direct Jordyn to Tailster HQ, we have a few birthdays coming up…

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