This Kitten Does Not Want To Be Disturbed…

We all have those days when we just can’t be bothered with anything and want nothing more than to totally block out the world around us.

Whether we’ve not got enough sleep or just simply aren’t in the mood, from time to time we’d happily lock ourselves away for a day or two.

Far from merely a human trait, it seems that this kitten totally gets it too…

This video, which is currently doing the rounds on Twitter, shows that even the best kitten has their off days, reflecting our general morning mood perfectly!

Shared by the @activekittens page, the video shows the kitten totally ignoring their owner as they desperately try to attract the cat’s attention by gently poking them on the shoulder.

The post has so far been viewed over 15k times, with several users commenting how much of themselves they see in the stubborn cat.

Whilst some have accused the video of being staged, any cat owner will know the challenge of trying to get them to stay still for a second, never mind to perform to the camera like this kitty does!

We have to say, we love this little diva-kitten!

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