Is This The Worst Case Of Cat Fleas Ever?

Being a pet owner comes with a whole host of responsibilities. From welcoming them into the home, to training and socialising them, they can be just as challenging as children – minus the answering back, of course…

Along with the initial preparations, a major part of the regular upkeep required when keeping a pet is ensuring their state of health. In addition to regular vet checks and bits and pieces of upkeep, flea treatments are essential to ensure that our pets are in prime health and aren’t suffering unnecessarily.

Whilst there are a variety of spot on treatments available on the market that are simple and safe to administer at home, the effects of failing to do so can prove catastrophic…

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Casper, a six week old kitten from Blackpool, was so badly infested with fleas that it took almost three weeks for vets to nurse him to recovery from a state of near-death. 

Calling it one of the worst cases they had ever seen, vets found that the fleas had sucked so much of Casper’s blood that he was rendered anaemic. Consequently, his low blood sugar levels had left him switching in and out of consciousness.

While Casper is now well on the road to recovery, he is incredibly lucky, as two other kittens rescued from the same house have not survived.

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Speaking of the horrific case of neglect, vet Siuna Reid from The Veterinary Health Centre, Lytham, has said:

“Casper’s fleas were the worst I’d ever seen in 26 years as a vet.

His two siblings had already died and at one point it looked like we’d have to put Casper down.”

It took Casper four days to fight through after a protein fluid was administered and, after 19 days, he was well enough to visit his new home – with Helen, receptionist at Siuna’s practice.

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Enamoured with her new companion, Helen has said of Casper’s recovery:

“I’d never seen as many fleas on an animal before and was shocked that he could actually die from the infestation.

I sat with him, grooming out the flea dirt. His fantastic little character began to make its way into my heart.

He’s now a fit and healthy young cat and a much-loved member of the family.”

For more information on fleas and how they can affect your pets and your home, check out our guide to the flea’s life cycle and how to rid your home and pets of them at each of these four stages.

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