Is This The Most Instagrammable Dog Ever?

Admit it – your Instagram feed is full of dog accounts and you spend a good hour before bed every night binging on them…

We know that we definitely do!

Sometimes, after a long day, all we need is a good dose of dogs to put is in a totally better mood, and this special pooch ticks all of the boxes…

Could this dog – with his array of expressive and frankly incredible faces – be the most Instagrammable pooch EVER?


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The rescue dog, who is a Pekingese/Dachshund/Chihuahua/Shih-tzu mix, lives in Tampa, Florida, was adopted twice before finding his perfect forever home.

Named Bacon, he has been compared to the likes of Peter Dinklage, Samuel L. Jackson, William H. Macy and Mark Hamill as a result of his array of exaggerated facial expressions.

Bacon has now amassed over 20k Instagram followers, with users flooding to his page to see what face is going to come next.


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Owner of the fabulous dog, Meg, told People: 

“We went to go do an in-person meeting with the rescue, Guardian Angel Dog Rescue, and fell in love as he waddled down the driveway.

Bacon was found living on the streets by animal control, and Guardian Angel saved him from euthanasia.

He was actually adopted out twice, and returned, before we got our hands on him. Third time was the charm.”

Don’t get us wrong, we love our dogs, but we secretly wish they were a bit more Bacon. It’s not hard to see why he’s so popular!

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