Increasing Number Of Puppies Being Abandoned In Summer Heat

We all recognise the immense challenge of being a pet owner. From making the initial decision, to preparing for those all important first few weeks, being responsible for another life is a big responsibility and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Christmas and summer time are the two most popular times of the year for owners to abandon their young pets, with the change in season bringing about unprecedented lifestyle changes that aren’t compatible with owning a pet. Whilst the majority of owners take their pets to animal shelters or charities, however, a small percentage simply dump their animals out in the street.

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On one of the hottest days of 2018, a litter of puppies, around 6 months old, was found dumped in a box with no water in Wiltshire.

The puppies were discovered by a member of the public, who immediately rushed them to the Dogs Trust in Salisbury where they are currently being cared for.

Named Summer, Jemima, Lolly, Poppet, Pickle and Rufus, the dogs are now on the road to recovery, having been checked over by a vet and cleaned up. They are now said to be coming out of their shells, and are subsequently more playful and less timid.

The charity is now urging owners to come forward and hand any unwanted pets over to rescue centres, as opposed to cruelly dumping them – particularly in the extreme heat.

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Speaking of the animals being abandoned, Lucy Hooper from the Dogs Trust Salisbury has said:

“Luckily they were found early in the day but as they were left without any water, they may not have survived  if they hadn’t been found when they were.

When they arrived, they were checked over by one of our vets. Their skin is very sore and itchy so we’re currently given them soothing baths to ease the discomfort.

Fortunately, they are all recovering from their ordeal well and are full of fun, just as puppies should be, so they will be looking for their forever families very soon with people who will give them all the love and care they deserve following their horrendous start in life.”

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© Dogs Trust

Tailster strongly supports the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mantra and, with pet shops set to be banned from selling young puppies, we encourage prospective owners to consider adopting an animal that has had a turbulent start to their life.

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