In the news this week – dog walkers warned over toxic wild mushrooms

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Dog walkers on high alert after wild mushrooms cause multiple pet deaths – in the news this week

Dogs are like toddlers, and everything must go through the mouth test. It sometimes feels like you need eyes in the back of your head just to keep track of everything your dog sticks their snoot into during your daily stroll.

But dog owners have been urged to keep an extra close watch of their pooches this autumn as seven-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, April has passed away hours after eating wild mushrooms growing in a field in Scunthorpe.

She was walking with her owner when she ate a small, white mushroom which was later identified as a Fools Funnel, one of the most common toxic mushrooms in the UK. Two hours later she was drooling and vomiting so her owner rushed her to the local vets for emergency treatment.

April was given an injection and some charcoal in an attempt to offset the poison but sadly April had passed away by the morning.

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