How To Win Your Cat’s Affection

Cats are peculiar creatures – any owner will tell you that – and one of the biggest challenges that any new cat parent faces is trying to win their affection.

They’re reputed for their stubbornness for a reason, so it’s vital that you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for when you commit to owning a cat, to help ensure that get things off to the best possible start.

In an effort to help your relationship with your cat flourish, here are some simple ways to make your cat love you…

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Give Them Their Freedom

First things first, cats are wild animals and it’s essential that you treat them that way.

Whilst dogs have long been domesticated and lived as our faithful companions for thousands of years, cats have been in our lives for a significantly shorter period of time. Consequently, they’re not as submissive as dogs may be, often relying on their natural instincts as a gauge for how comfortable they should be.

So, allow them to tune in to these natural instincts and behave accordingly. That’s not to say you should allow them to demolish your home, but give them their freedom and allow them to roam independently.

This way, they’ll feel a sense of trust and be more inclined to respond to you when you do eventually call.

Play Them At Their Own Game

We know that dogs like to be submissive and act in accordance with their owner’s wishes, but for cats it’s a very different story.

For cats, their relationship with their owners is something of a power struggle, based largely upon their natural hunting instincts. Consequently, adhering to this could help you secure your cat’s trust and win their affection.

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Some simple tips include:

  • Avoid direct eye contact, as this could be misinterpreted as an attempt at dominance
  • Wait for them to approach you and don’t come at them too fast
  • Don’t tower over them – lower yourself to their level and show them that you’re not a threat
  • Keep the volume down, as this will help to keep them calm

By double bluffing them, you’ll make them feel in charge, ultimately believing that they made the decision to trust you themselves.

Make Them Feel Safe

It sounds obvious, but it’s vital that your cat feels safe in their environment in order to settle in.

Cats are naturally wild animals, so being introduced to a domestic environment can quickly unsettle them – particularly if it’s characterised by rules and restrictions. These are obviously essential, but should be enforced with tact.

If your cat is misbehaving, invite them over to you and give them some attention and affection. Not only will it help to prevent negative behaviours, it will also act as a form of positive reinforcement, turning them away from trouble whilst establishing you as a caring, nurturing figure.

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Bribery

Finally, when all else fails, turn to bribery. No, really…

Cats can be pesky little things and will often play up when they’re not getting their way – and, who can blame them? It’s only natural that they won’t settle into their new life straight away!

By offering them a tasty treat, you’re bound to distract them from what they’re doing and divert their attention. With any hope, they’ll begin to forget about the negative traits and focus more on you and what you can offer them.

Trust us, a treat will do the world of good!

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