How To Walk Your Rabbit

When you commit to being a dog owner, a major part of the responsibility is, of course, their daily walk. Everyone knows that…

Some pets are more demanding than others, which is why busy parents usually settle on hamsters or goldfish as opposed to the more active varieties (which are usually the ones that the kids want).

Depending on circumstances, however, some traditionally ‘easy’ pets could soon turn out to require just as much attention…

Here’s How To Walk Your Rabbit. No, Really…

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Before you jump to any conclusions, just take a second to think about it – rabbits are naturally active creatures, meaning that they need the time to run around and burn off a bit of energy.

They’re also a highly affordable pet, meaning that people in a variety of financial situations are able to adopt and care for them adequately.

Therefore, if you don’t have a large garden for them to run around in, it’s up to you as an owner to make sure that they get all of the exercise that they need!

Planning to walk your rabbit for the first time? Here’s everything that you need to know:

A ‘H-Shaped’ Harness

Named after their shape once laid out flat, these harnesses are best suited for rabbits as they best match their bodies.

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Other harnesses, such as more common ‘figure-eight’ style, can cinch the rabbit’s neck and cause injury, so should be avoided at all costs.

In terms of leads, we’d always advise fixed length as opposed to adjustable. Rabbits can dart away suddenly, so this will help you keep control over them, making for an all round safer walk.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like with any new venture, teaching your rabbit to walk on a lead will take time, so it’s vital that you have the patience to match.

Start by walking them around the house, then maybe the garden, before moving onto a busier area. This will help to get them used to different environments and the external factors associated.

With any luck they’ll take to it right away – especially if you’ve a grassy area nearby, where they can run around and explore to their heart’s content.

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Don’t Force Things

As much as we’re all for exercising your rabbit in this way, it’s not for all rabbits, so you might find yourself hitting a brick wall.

In these situations, there’s not all that much that you can do – it’s all down to the rabbit and, if they don’t like it, there’s no changing them.

Don’t worry, though, as only around 5% of rabbits will flat out refuse to walk this way. For the rest, just keep going and the results will show!

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