Horrific Images Expose Indonesian Cat And Dog Meat Market

This article contains images that some readers may deem distressing. In the interest of animal welfare and raising awareness, however, we have decided to publish them to hopefully help instigate a global movement to put an end to similar cat and dog meat eating practices.

Humane Society International have released a series of images to highlight abhorrent Indonesian cat and dog markets, in which the animals are frequently sold for their meat and hide.

Heartless traders in the city of Tomohon were said to be slaughtering the animals for their produce and selling them to locals as food and accessories.

Whilst the practice is highly distressing, campaigners are actively trying to put an end to the abhorrent practices…

Campaigners from the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition are urging authorities to stick to vows to ban the controversial dog and cat meat trade once and for all.

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© Humane Society International

Despite the government’s pledge, the images show traders keeping the animals in appauling conditions and handling them in an unethical manner.

Whilst the practice is not only sickening, it also boasts public health issues that defy regulations designed to protect locals from a number of diseases that can be transmitted by the animals.

The images come shortly after the country’s Veterinary Public Health boss pledged to end the trade, which he called “torture for animals.

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© Humane Society International

Speaking of the controversial trade, Lola Webber from Dog Meat-Free Indonesia:

“Every single dog and cat we saw at Tomohon extreme market was blow-torched whilst clearly still alive.

It was the most horrific cruelty we have witnessed so far in our campaign to shut down this hideous trade, and it was all done in full view of very young children.

We are really grateful that the horrific cruelty and human-health risks of this appalling trade has been publicly recognised by the Indonesian government, but our latest evidence clearly shows the need for an immediate ban cannot be ignored.”

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© Humane Society International

A ban on the cat and dog meat trade in Indonesia would follow similar bans in South Korea, which branded the killing of dogs for their meat illegal.

A call has been made to Theresa May to revise an archaic UK law, which permits the consumption of dog meat if the animal is killed humanely.

We sincerely hope that the images will spark a global conversation and hopefully put an end to cat and dog meat eating traditions once and for all!

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