Hiker Rescues Dog From 11,000 Foot Mountain

Our pets are part of the family and have a significant impact on various aspects of our everyday life. They make up an integral part of the household and are perhaps one of the most dependable parts of any owner’s life.

We hate to think of any dog getting lost – especially the torment of their owner as they start the frantic search to find them – and, sometimes, they end up in the strangest of places…

A hiker has rescued an injured dog that she found up an 11,000 foot mountain in search of his owners.

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© Tia Vargas

The dog was found by 40 year old Tia Vargas, who was hiking down the peak of Table Rock Train in Boise’s Grand Tetons when she stumbled across the animal.

Noticing that the dog was injured, she immediately tended to the injured English Springer Spaniel who was struggling to keep up with another pair of hikers who were searching for his owners.

Unable to leave him, Ms. Vargas decided to adopt the pup, now named Boomer, and introduce him to the family.

Such an outcome, however, did not always seem like a possibility – until her father, Kasper, arrived to give her some much needed support.

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© Tia Vargas

Speaking to the Mother Nature Network, she said of discovering the dog:

“I felt the difficulty of it right away. I never felt 55 pounds like that before.

Dad laughed and said, ‘Isn’t this hike hard enough? You have to carry a dog too?'”

Climbing down the mountain wasn’t easy, as pouring rain made the ground treacherous. The pair finally made it to the bottom after a couple of hours, to be met with another obstacle – a sign from Boomer’s family, posted on July 4 shortly after the dog went missing.

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© Tia Vargas

After getting in contact, the overjoyed family offered to let Ms. Vargas adopt Boomer as they were set to move out of the area. She quickly accepted, and the dog now lives with her and her children.

Boomer is said to have settled into his new home well and is loving life with his new family.

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