Hero Dog Saves Owner Having a Stroke

Darky the Labrador cross truly is a hero dog after rescuing his owner who was suffering with a stroke. Darky barked to alert nearby motorists of the emergency, meaning owner Arthur McGavey was rushed to hospital just in time. 

Arthur McGavey, a 74 year old retired policeman from Devon, was walking his dog, Darky, through a nearby field when he suddenly collapsed and began suffering a stroke.

Darky, a Labrador cross, rushed to the roadside and began to bark at nearby motorists. Passers-by stopped when they saw Darky frantically barking and managed to quickly come to Arthur’s aid. An ambulance was called and he was taken to a nearby hospital, meaning he received treatment within the vital first hour after a stroke.

According to Arthur’s wife, Jean:

‘The fact Arthur is making such a miraculous recovery is due to Darky and those who stopped to help out’

One of the passers-by who came to Arthur’s aid was Kelly Weeks, a local cleaner. Her and her team were driving to their next job when Darky grabbed their attention.

When they pulled the van over they saw Arthur lying motionless in the field and dashed to his side.

“He was very poorly, only slightly moving and unable to talk. We put our coats over him and waited for the paramedics to arrive.”

Luckily, because of Darky’s heroism, the ambulance arrived promptly and managed to get Arthur to the hospital.



[image is of Arthur’s daughter, Denise and wife, Jean with hero dog, Darky]

source: bt news

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