Helping Your Dog Get a Good Nights Sleep



We have all had nights where we toss and turn as our brain refuses to switch off. We end up thinking over the day’s decisions, and are unable to have a peaceful night sleep. A recent study has shown that dogs, like humans, can also suffer from a bad night sleep if they are stressed or worried.

Scientists in Hungary have recently measured the sleep of a number of different dog breeds after both positive and negative experiences. A positive experience included being stroked or playing with their owner, and a negative experience included being left alone and ignored by their owner.


The results showed that those who had a positive experience before their sleep had a longer period of deep sleep than those who had a negative experience. Those who had the negative experience ended up spending more time in the REM stage of sleep where your brain is more active.

The results suggest that if your dog is left alone for large amounts of the day, the negative effects could cause a restless night sleep. A restless night sleep for your dog can not only mean a restless night sleep for you, but it can also cause them to be irritable or agitated the next day, causing a potential domino effect.


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How can this be prevented? If you spend large amounts of the day away from the house, it might be worth organising daily visits from friends, family or a Tailster carer to help keep your pooch entertained and happy. You could also look into possible daycare options too! Small changes to your dogs daily routine could have a huge impact on their overall stress and anxiety levels, and produce a better nights sleep all round.


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