Have You Seen This Skateboarding Cat?

We love to see videos of pets doing funny things. We’re bombarded with them on a daily basis and we just can’t get enough!

Our pets get up to all sorts of mischief, some of which can be really annoying but the majority of which is pretty hysterical – they can’t help themselves.

There is, however, a difference between ‘mischief’ and ‘talent’, and this cat definitely has skill…

We’ve heard of dogs with wheels before, but this skateboarding cat is far more impressive – in fact, we can’t quite believe it!

We’ve seen some pretty incredible things on social media, and this cat is no exception – he’s far better than us on a skateboard, we’ll tell you that. 

The cat in the video can be seen skating in a whole range of settings, from empty streets to full on skate parks, demonstrating their seriously impressive skill!

Not only can they hop on and off the board, they can also jump over hurdles and leap straight off into a car boot!

So impressed with themselves, the cat also makes a point of skating right up to a group of dogs, who look taken aback by the feline’s incredible balance.

We’re with the dogs – we seriously love this cool cat!

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