Great Dane in Running to be the world’s biggest dog, meets Britain’s smallest pup

Meet Major. This 3 year old Great Dane from South Wales is in the running to be named world’s biggest dog…

Major will be in the running for the title against two other Great Danes – Freddy from Essex and Rocco from the US. All three will be measured in the next few weeks.

Major’s owners Brian and Julie Williams are looking forward to the big day – but in the meantime they’re enjoying the opportunities heading their way.


Source: Wales Online

Major recently had the pleasure of meeting Britain’s smallest dog, Disney the chihuahua. The vast size difference might be a concern for some owners, but good natured Major took wonderfully to Disney. Major’s owner Brian said: “He might weigh 12st, but he’s the loveliest dog in the world. He wouldn’t hurt a fly – and that goes for a dog as little as Disney too.”

If the adorable pictures of the meeting were anything to go by, it looks very much like Major was as gentle and loving as Brian says!


Source: Wales Online

You can clearly see the size difference, but in technical terms Major is 4ft1 (the same height as the average 7 year old), and little Disney is just 3 inches! Major will eat six eggs daily along with a two-kilo bag of mince and more than three pints of milk – while Disney needs just enough food to fill an egg cup.

Disney’s owner Natalie Vane, a 28-year-old dog groomer, said she couldn’t believe how well the pair got on. “It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” she said.

We at Tailster HQ certainly hope so! And best of luck to Major for the big day.

Source: Wales Online


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