God is Dog Backwards and Other Interesting Facts

As a nation of dog lovers, we all know that happy dogs wag their tail, sad dogs whimper and scared dogs hide under the table. However, here’s a few interesting facts about dogs that you may not have heard about.

Dog nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints

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Dogs are famed for their excellent olfactory senses, but the next time you’re getting a face full of dog kisses, take a careful look at its nose. Not only is a dog’s nose extremely talented, but each is also incredibly unique. No two dogs have the same nose print – and the same holds true for cats, too!

The Pekingese were bred by ancient Chinese as a wearable guard dog

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It sounds crazy, but it’s true – the breed is one of the oldest, at over 2000 years old. The Pekingese has changed little over the years, and is one of the least genetically diverged from the wolf. As a favourite of courtiers in ancient China, the fiercest and smallest of them were nicknamed “Sleeves” to be carried in the sleeves of their garments to defend and scare off any threats. Perhaps the next time someone gets a little bit too close to you on the tube in rush hour, you could have your loyal Pekingese leap out of your sleeves in defence.

Dog isn’t just man’s best friend – it’s also baboon’s best friend

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People have owned pets for thousands of years, so it’s only natural that some troops of baboons would get in on the action. They kidnap puppies (since they would be hard-pressed to visit their local animal shelter to adopt their own) and raise them as part of their troop. In return for food and companionship, these adopted pets guard the babies and the young.

Still sounds too crazy to be true? Watch this short video that shows off the simian canine bond.

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Photos from Flickr by normanack, the lost gallery, petful under creative commons license

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