Fully tracked dog walking service now available on Tailster.com!

Here at Tailster, we’re constantly working to make sure our dog walkers can provide the best service possible, making the process of finding and using a dog walker stress-free and transparent.

Our concierge service, 24/7 customer service, vetting and assessment of dog walkers and £5 million insurance cover help us to provide this service to dog owners up and down the country.

We were trying to work out how we could make the service even better, and our developers have been hard at work building tools for our walkers and sitters to make the experience even better.

We’re now very proud to announce the launch of our revolutionary new dog walking app, that allows our walkers to track their walks and send a map and summary to you, the dog owner – instantly.

walking app screenshots

As a dog owner, you won’t have to lift a finger – you’ll receive an email seconds after the walk finishes with all the information you can think of.

How do you know whether your walker did the full hour you requested? Now you’ll know when using a Tailster walker.

Did your walker turn up at the time you stated? Now you’ll know when using a Tailster walker.

Did your walker take your dog where you requested? Now you’ll know when using a Tailster walker.

All of this is all part of your fully tracked dog walking service, completely free of charge.

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