Free Hugs – Say Hello to Loubie the bonny golden retriever offering hugs!

Louboutina, or Loubie for short, has made a bit of name for herself in downtown New York. The five year-old golden retriever has been spotted standing upright on the streets of the Chelsea area, beautifully clad in a bright red walking harness, eager to embrace anyone who walks by.


Loubie and her owner Cesar, a Spanish translator for a local hospital, have been amazed by the response. image5


Handshakes and hand holding at age three gradually developed to big loving hugs.


Any passers by in need of hugs can find one with Loubie who’s always happy to oblige!


Taking a short walk on a sunny Saturday morning you can see the reaction. Loubie quickly makes friends.  Locals are just drawn to her and she just laps up the love.



People may stereotype big city dwellers as being brisk and always in a hurry. This certainly doesn’t apply where this beautiful young lady is involved! Loubie is instantly disarming, softening any tough exterior. We all need a hug and Loubie is always there for those that need it most!


If you’re ever in the neighbourhood her ‘stage’ is stand at the corner of 5th and 17th. People come to her and it is simply one of her favorite things.


No discrimination here – human or dog; Louboutina will cuddle all!


It’s so refreshing and heart-warming in what can sometimes seem like a cold world to see one so happy and open. If you’re ever feeling blue look for Loubie. Her furry cuddles will save the day!

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