Firefighters Rescue Puppy Stranded On Roof

Of the UK’s most popular pets, it’s cats that have a reputation for getting themselves in compromising situations and needing a little assistance to get out, whilst dogs are usually firmly on the ground, shadowing their owner.

It’s only natural, however, that every once in a while a dog wants to get a taste for what life’s like for cats…

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© Scott Grenney

Firefighters were called to a property in Plymouth after a puppy climbed through an open window and got stranded on the roof.

After authorities issued warnings about the danger of cats falling from balconies and open windows during the hot weather, it seems that dog owners should pay heed to the advice too, as this curious dog found themselves in a rather compromising position.

Crowds gathered around the property as the Spaniel struggled to find a way down, at which point firefighters emerged with a cherry picker to retrieve the stranded pup.

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© Scott Grenney

Speaking of the rescue mission, eyewitness Scott Grenney said:

“The small puppy appeared to have slid down the roof from the open window and was stuck on the guttering.

There was no way to reach it.

Firefighters had a blanket open in case the dog fell.”

It apparently took less than 30 minutes to save the dog, who is now thought to have returned to their everyday goings on (minus jumping out of windows and exploring rooftops).

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© Scott Grenney

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