Feline ‘Burglar’ Caught Out

Police in Newcastle were called out to a bookies after an alarm was triggered 3 times in the early hours of Sunday morning and, to their surprise, a cat was the guilty culprit…

Police officers were called out to a suspected break-in during the early hours of September 2, 2018. Prepared for the worst, they arrived at the scene of a BetFred bookmakers on Shields Road, Byker, and were confronted by a rather peculiar burglar… a cat!

Concern around the property’s alarm being triggered 3 times in a 20 minute time-frame caused the call-out and the police were unsurprisingly baffled when they arrived at the scene…

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© Northumbria Police

Upon arrival at the suspected crime scene, the officers were able to see that a black cat had managed to somehow break into the property and appeared oblivious to the commotion it had caused. In fact, the feline appeared completely content!

Inspector Peter Bond stated:

“We were pretty shocked to find a cat burglar in the act, but thankfully this time nothing was being stolen. Our dog section turned up as well so you can imagine the scene when they caught a scent of the intruder.

We’re still not sure how it managed to get in, but after a bit of chasing it did eventually leave the store.”

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While information wasn’t disclosed as to whether the feline has an owner, we’re sure this daredevil cat has built quite a reputation for itself in the area.

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