What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Is Telling You

Dogs look adorable when they sleep. They just make us want to cuddle up with them and forget everything we’ve got going on. I mean, we wish we looked that cute when we sleep. But, beyond being totally lovable, do you ever wonder what else is going on when your dog is sleeping?

How Much Do Dogs Sleep?

The average dog sleeps for 12-14 hours per day. As dogs don’t have regular sleeping patterns like their humans, they will often sleep for smaller periods of time throughout the day. Dogs also have different types of sleep, slipping between slow wave sleep (shorter naps) and REM (longer sleeping times).

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We all know that dogs can sleep in any position – the weirder, the better – and we love it! So, here’s what you can learn from the way that your dog is sleeping:

The Four Basic Positions

Here are the four most common positions that you’ll find your dog resting in:

Curled In A Ball

Your dog will sleep in this position to help protect themselves. Whilst it’s not the most comfortable position, your dog will feel most secure when sleeping like this. They’ll probably be dreaming of fending off predators. It also helps to keep them warm.

On Their Back

When your dog is sleeping on their back, it’s a sign that they feel comfortable in their environment. It’s also probably the most comfortable position for them. Overall, it means that your dog is feeling content and that you’re doing a good job!

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On The Side

This also means that your dog feels secure, and that they’ll be having a sound sleep. This position means its difficult for them to spring up and defend themselves, so you can be sure they feel protected.

Flat Out

This is more of a resting position, and allows them to jump up quickly when necessary. However, it doesn’t mean that they feel insecure, it just means that they don’t want to miss out on anything. If your dog is active and likes to play, then they’ll probably sleep like this most of the day!

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