Dogs Abandoned By Puppy Farm Rescued By Animal Sanctuary

At Tailster, we support the ‘adopt don’t shop’ message and, with the UK set to follow Australia’s lead with the proposed ‘Lucy’s Law’, news of abhorrent practices has been released to highlight the deplorable practices employed by puppy farms.

Unable to bark after having their vocal chords removed by cruel puppy farming managers, five dogs were found starving in a ditch next to a cemetery where they had been abandoned.

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Sadly, it is common practice for puppy farmers to remove dogs’ vocal chords in order to silence their bark. The dogs, all five female, are thought to have been abandoned when they stopped producing litters and were, of course, unable to bark and attract the attention of passers-by.

The case, brought to attention by Hsu Weng-Iiang who helps run the Hsu Animal Sanctuary in the city of Tainan, south-west Taiwan, highlights the carelessness of cruel puppy farmers.

Despite being visibly weak, the dogs were able to wag their tails upon being discovered, clearly relieved to be being rescued.

The five dogs were quickly taken back to the Hsu Animal Sanctuary, when they were cleaned, shaven and treated for injuries. All of the dogs suffered from mammary gland tumours, with surgery scheduled for them in the coming days.

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They will remain at the shelter until they are brought back to optimum health, at that point,  they will be put up for adoption.

Whilst puppy farms face fines and even jail time if found guilty of Taiwan’s ‘Animal Protection Act’ – which forbids them from abandoning and harming domestic animals such as dogs and cats – it is unclear whether those responsible will ever be caught. Authorities are, however, appealing for information.

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