Dog Friendly Guide to Nottingham

Dog lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to Nottingham. It is a wonderful place for dog owners to walk, eat and stay… That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to dog friendly Nottingham.

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We’ve done the research so that you know where to go with your pooch for all your pet’s needs whether that is looking for a dog sitter, a dog walker, right through to dog friendly locations in Nottingham too.

We’re also here to help you in your search for a trustworthy dog boarder, sitter or walker but since you’re here, we’ve got loads of tips for dog owners in Nottingham! Read on to find out about dog friendly Nottingham!

One of our top carers, Gemma, helped us put this guide together so if you’re looking for a carer in the area, check her profile out here.

Top dog friendly pubs in Nottingham

#1 The Horse & Groom Linby

The Horse & Groom is a dog friendly, welcoming village pub. With a homely pub menu, a tea room and even treats at the bar for our four-legged friends it is a hot spot for dog walkers enjoying the many scenic village walks! Food is fab and staff are friendly and more than happy to see their doors open to our dogs too.

#2 The Horse & Groom, Moorgreen

Would you believe these two dog welcoming spots are just a 10-minute walk down a country road away from each other! Beautiful countryside walks with the choice of afternoon tea at Beauvale or a warm pub lunch at the Horse & Groom!

#3 Tap & Growler

Tap & Growler has an entire Facebook album dedicated to the pub’s visiting “Growlers”. You don’t get more dog friendly than that! Expect water bowls, dog beds, and toys. They even have treats and tennis balls for any good dog that passes through.

Top dog friendly parks in Nottingham

#1 Dob Park

Dob Park is situated just off the A611 Hucknall bypass, where there are multiple scenic walks through woodlands and fields. There is even a little stream for our four-legged friends who like a paddle or good splash about – perfect in spring and summer!

#2 Burntstump Pub and Country Park

The Burntstump is the perfect place for a long walk and a tasty pub lunch. With woodland walks, open fields and a dog friendly pub with indoor and outdoor seating – what more could you want! There is plenty of space in the pub car park or the country park car park which is situated the opposite side to the pub near the police HQ.

#3 Bestwood Country Park

This country park is based near Bestwood village, Nottingham. It has free admission and parking and is an overall brilliantly maintained park. It consists of 650 acres of open green space just waiting for you and your four-legged companion to explore!

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Top dog groomers in Nottingham

#1 Linby Dog Groomers

If you want your dog to be spoilt in a safe, loving environment then this groomer is for you! Opened by Amanda in 2016 who has a passion for animals, check out her website or Facebook page to see the fab results for yourself!

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Dog walkers, boarders and sitters in Nottingham

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