Dog Walks in Chippenham: Top Walks For Your Four Legged Friend

Georgina, one of our top carers in Wiltshire, has written up her top dog walks in Chippenham.

dog walks in Chippenham

Corsham Court

This old estate is one of my favourite dog walks in Chippenham. I like to take the dogs I walk there as the fields are spacious but secure. The expansive fields are perfect for games of fetch. The estate is always buzzing with other walkers and is a great place to socialise dogs. The lake is also perfect for any dogs that love to swim.

Westmead Open Space

The open space is another great place for walking. It has a huge variety of tracks so every time you visit it’s different! The main trail goes through the meadow, others take you through woodland areas or you can take the dogs down to the river where they can swim and play.

John Coles Park

This park in the centre of Chippenham is another great place to socialise dogs with one another. It’s also a good place to get a new dog used to unexpected noises as a children’s park is close by and the gardeners are regularly tending to the plants. One of the best features of the park is that it has a small fenced off area which can be used for unsociable dogs or for doing recall training.

Rivo Lounge

There are also has a few dog friendly cafes and restaurants which is great after these dog walks in Chippenham. One of my favourites is the Rivo Lounge. I regularly take my dog there if I’m going out for lunch with friends. The staff are welcoming and will often offer your furry friend a tasty treat to munch on during their visit.

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