Heartbreaking Moment A Dog Stands By The Body Of His Calf ‘Best Friend’

The UK is a nation of dog lovers – in fact, they’re the most popular pet in the country – and we all know that dogs make great, loyal pets. As well as doting on their owners, they’re also incredibly social animals, with a major part of their walking habit being the opportunity to meet and mingle with other dogs.

Like with all good friendships, dogs like to check in on their four-legged pals, and it seems that their bonds go deeper than the usual butt-sniffing routine.

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Heartbreaking images have captured the moment that this dog stood by the body of his calf ‘best friend’ after the animal drowned in a well in India.

Mourning the death of his friend, the farm dog from Manapari, India, sat by the calf’s grave after the two bonded and developed an attachment to one another.

The dog was adopted a few years back by Chinnadurai, a poor farmer who lived with the calf that he was rearing at the time in the same premises. It was by their home that the two were playing, when the calf accidentally fell inside the 20ft well and ultimately drowned.

As the dog began to bark, Chinnadurai immediately called the local fire department to help rescue the calf, as he couldn’t get into the well due to it’s depth and the fact that it housed venomous snakes.

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Whilst fire services managed to pull the calf out of the well, they were ultimately too late as the animal had sadly already died.

As Chinnadurai dug a grave for the calf, the dog sat by the side of his best friend, refusing to leave the spot even after the burial had taken place. The bond between the two animals is said to have moved the local villagers, and their relationship has been shared multiple times on social media as an example of true friendship.

They might be ‘man’s best friend’, but it looks like we’ve got some stiff competition!

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