Dog Spends Final Days Ticking Off Bucket List

Our dogs become integral parts of family life, giving us all of the love, affection and companionship we could possibly ask for. We wouldn’t be without them!

Whilst dog make great companion pets for the elderly, helping them to live out their final years the best way possible, when it comes to their final months we do all we can for them to show them just how much we appreciate everything that they do for us.

Whilst this often consists of unspeakable amounts of treats and night after night of cuddles, this charity is kicking things up to a whole other level to make one dog’s final days the best they can be…

After ten years as a breeding machine in a puppy mill, giving birth to 18 litters of puppies, Victoria the German Shepherd is now completing an extensive bucket list as she enters the final months of her life. 

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Following a life of neglect, the 11 year old dog was rescued by Finding Shelter Animal Rescue in October 2017, as bosses at the puppy mill deemed her to be no longer useful for breeding. She was, at the time, exhausted and in poor health.

At at young age, she was attacked by another dog, inflicting a wound that was never treated. This ultimately led to her losing vision in her left eye.

Last year, she began suffering from degenerative myelopathy, a disease which has brought her body into decline. She now relies on a harness attached to a set of wheels as the disease, which will eventually kill her, paralysed her hind legs.

Having been picked up by the charity, co-founder Grace Kelly Herbert and her husband Steve have taken responsibility for Victoria, helping to make up for a lifetime of neglect.

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The couple have drawn up a ‘bucket list’ of activities for Victoria to carry out before she dies…

Since discovering her short life expectancy, the couple have created a list of fun activities to help make up for the first ten years of Victoria’s life – and it’s quite something!

From meeting a state governor, to playing police K-9 and DJing at her local radio station, Victoria has certainly been making her mark, proving that it’s never too late to give a dog a second shot at life.

Speaking of her attachment to Victoria, Grace has said:

“Terminally ill dogs like Victoria are worth saving. They still have life left in them.

She is a wonderful dog. She is so loyal and friendly, and she has a lot of love to give.

If we’re lucky, she’ll last until the end of the year. Everyday is a gift with her.

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I said to my husband, ‘Imagine all of the things she could have done in the past ten years if she had have been a dog that was free.’

She’s stronger and happier than ever before. Its about turning something negative into a positive.”

With any hope, staying busy will help keep Victoria young and give her as long as possible to tick off every last activity on the list!

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