Dog Saves One Year Old Girl From Choking

We often consider dogs to be reliant on their owners but, in reality, we rely on them just as much – if not even more-so!

Within the family, dogs play a vital role, from promoting children’s development to making the perfect companions for the elderly. They’re also great at promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, enhancing the overall family unit.

Aside from all of this, they’re also incredibly loyal and will do anything that they can to help their owners in a time of need…

Louie, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has heroically saved the life of a one year old girl as she began to choke on her own vomit. 

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© Steve Finn

As one year old Chloe Weeks began to choke, Louie began barking and frantically running around the flat, alerting her parents that something was wrong.

Chloe’s mother, Shannon, soon realised that something was wrong, only to discover her daughter lying face down and choking.

Fortunately, she saw to Chloe in the nick of time and she has since made a full recovery. The outcome could have been very different, however, if it wasn’t for Louie – who doesn’t even belong to the family, but Shannon’s nan Maureen, who brought him over earlier that day.

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© Steve Finn

Speaking of how the dog saved her daughter’s life, Shannon said:

“He just kept barking and barking. He hardly ever does that so I didn’t know what to think. He was running in and out of the rooms and going back to Chloe.

I went out and saw him outside my daughter’s room. It was the worst thing you can imagine. Every parent’s nightmare.

I went in and Chloe was face down and was pale and wasn’t breathing. She had vomited and choked on her own sick. All I remember doing is screaming.

Louie is my hero. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have my beautiful daughter.”

Despite being diagnosed with Bronchitis and a stomach bug, Chloe has now made a full recovery.

I just goes to show that, without Louie. who knows what would have happened…

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