Dog Saved From Drowning By His Furry Best Friend

Dogs might be ‘man’s best friend’, but when it comes to loyalties their ties stretch much further than their humans. Far from playing an integral part of the family – making great companions for both children and the elderly – they also have busy social lives of their own.

Research has shown that dogs don’t just love walkies for the chance to get out of the house. In fact, a trip to the park is a dog’s main form of social interaction – the place where they build relationships with other dogs.

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If you were ever in any doubt about the strength of a dog’s loyalty, whether to their human or canine companions, look no further…

After falling into a swimming pool, this dog was captured being saved from drowning by his four legged best friend!

The rescue was captured on CCTV at the back of Kayla Becerra’s parents’ home shortly after her dad had stepped inside the house for a couple of minutes. Upon returning to the pool, he is said to have been shocked to have found both dogs dripping wet.

Recognising that his friend was in a sticky situation, Kayla’s dog Remus rushed to the rescue and tried to pull Smokey out of the water. After several unsuccessful attempts, Remus dived into the pool to give his friend a boost so that he could pull himself out of the water.

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Speaking to local papers about her dog’s heroic actions, Kayla said:

“Nobody was around to make sure he was doing the right thing and he still did the right thing.”

After doing the rounds on social media, the local Mesa Fire and Medical Department decided to honour Remus after being impressed by his actions.

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Upon presenting Remus with a suitably edible award, Mesa Fire Chief Mary Cameli said:

“It’s so important to teach your kids water safety but also it shows that Kayla [Remus’ owner] did the right thing in teaching her dog water safety as well

What a great day and what a happy thing for us to celebrate with Remus.”

From boosting children’s confidence to detecting cancer at it’s earliest stages, there’s just no end to a dog’s list of talents!

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