Dog Reunited With Owner After FIVE YEARS Missing

The media has been rife recently with stories of cats being reunited with their owners after as much as ten years apart, all thanks to the wonders of microchipping. In fact, MPs in Wales are considering passing legislation that would require all cats to be microchipped, helping to prevent pets getting lost or stolen.

Since April 6 2016, all dogs across the UK have been required to be microchipped by law – a move that saw the number of stray dogs drop to the lowest level in over 20 years. Not only do microchips allow animals to be quickly identified and returned to their owner, they also have the benefit of lasting indefinitely, meaning that they can help reunite pets with their owners in the long term.

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© Kent Police

As is the case of Lunar, the Saluki who was reunited with her family after being stolen five years ago.

Lunar went missing from an area close by her home in Faversham, Kent, in 2013, when she was snatched from a nearby woodland area. According to police, she escaped from the house and, despite a desperate search, didn’t return home.

Fast forward five years, however, and Lunar’s owner received a call from a microchip company, informing them that someone had tried to re-register Lunar’s details almost 50 miles away in Hastings.

Lunar’s owner promptly contacted Kent police, who returned the eight year old dog back to her original home. They are not treating the Hastings address as that of the original dog thief, as the family there say that they believed that they legitimately bought the dog.

The family is said to have owned the dog for three years before taking her to be microchipped, at which point they realised that Lunar had a prior owner and made arrangements to return her to her original home.

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© Kent Police

PC Amy Rostron of Swale’s Local District Policing Team said of Lunar’s return:

“She is a lovely dog and it’s fantastic that her disappearance has ended in a happy outcome.

This sends a reminder to pet owners to ensure their pet is micro-chipped and to ensure the details are up-to-date. If Lunar was not micro-chipped then she would not have been found.

Micro-chipping is a legal requirement and also helps to reunite lost and stolen pets with their rightful owners.”

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