Dog rescues owner who was lost in woods

When 82 year old Rimma Bulatova realised she was lost in the woodlands near her home in New York, she asked her rescue dog Raia to go home and get help. You won’t believe what happened next!

When Rimma realised she’d been wondering through the woods for hours whilst confused and disorientated, and with the weather quickly making a turn for the worst, she knew she needed to get help. She asked her rescue pup Raia, in Russian, to go home and get help. Raia ran straight home, and sat patiently outside the front door, waiting for someone to arrive.

When Bulatova’s family arrived, they found Raia soaking wet outside the house, but she was insistent and barking. They instantly knew something was wrong, and called the police.

Emergency services found Bulatova shortly afterwards, wet through and shivering. She was checked over at hospital, and is now at home recovering with Raia. A member of the family said “Raia never received any special training but she’s just smart”.

What an absolutely heartwarming story of man’s best friend coming to the rescue!

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Story and images via The Dodo

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