Dog owner reunited with his Jack Russell 7 years after it goes missing!


It’s really tough when your dog goes missing so when Brian Berry lost his dog 7 years ago, he was not expecting to be reunited with his Jack Russell Molly after it was stolen all that time ago. Brian was extremely distraught when his dog and her 8 puppies were stolen back in 2008.

But police called Mr Berry last week to say they had found the ten-year-old Molly at a travellers’ site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Officers found Molly and tracked her back to her owners as she was thankfully micro-chipped which is now a legal requirement for all dog owners. Without being microchipped, it is highly unlikely Brian would have been re-united with their pet especially as it was found 200 miles away by police.

Mr Berry told the Daily Mail said: ‘I never really gave up hope that I would find her but I had began to doubt that I would ever see her again.

‘I’m just ecstatic now that she’s back home – it’s like having my best friend back after all this time and I’m never letting her out of my sight.’

Speaking about the phone call from officers, he said: ‘I couldn’t believe it, I thought there must be a mistake at first. I think it took her about ten minutes to realise who I was, but I was just sat stroking her and she started licking my face and I knew that she recognised me and knew then that she was safe.’

Not all stories are unfortunately with a happy ending – if you ever find yourself in this predicament, read our guide on what to do if a dog goes missing.

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