Dog image in slice of ham

You will not believe your eyes what this dog-lover saw in his slice of ham – he couldn’t believe his either!

Twenty-one year old George Hembry, from Bath, made an incredible discovery in a slice of ham his mum was using for his sandwich.

In the corner of his ham, was an image that looked exactly like his dog, Stink, who sadly passed away last October. Stink, the Lurcher-Whippet-Collie cross, regularly enjoyed trips to the supermarket with George – the same supermarket where the ham was purchased!PAY LAD SPOTS DEAD DOG IN HAM SANDWICH 9

George was so stunned by this discovery, that he found a picture of Stink and put it side-by-side with the slice of ham. In the corner of the ham, it is pretty evident that you can see two eyes, a dog’s nose and an ear – it really does look like Stink!

“It made me wish that Stink was there.” George said “It was incredible because we used to take Stink to that shop all the time.”

What’s even more incredible is that the day that George bought the ham, he had been saying to Sarah how much he missed Stink.

“We’d been talking earlier that day about how much we missed him becaus
e an old photo memory popped up on my Facebook page.”

That’s when they found the bizarre look-a-like of Stink in his slice of ham – which George described as ‘spooky’ after they were just talking about him and how they would take Stink to the shops and tie him outside until they had finished their shopping.

“Mum was about to make a sandwich with it but there’s no way I could have eaten it with Stink’s face on it.” Good choice, George!

Stink still, and always has, a place in George’s heart even with the new pooch in the family called Wilson, a German Shepherd. ”It’s funny to think he’s maybe still looking over us somehow” – it looks like he is.

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