Dog helps couple double their Euromillions winnings!

An Isle of Wight couple who won £150,000 from Euromillions doubled their winnings this week when their dog Ruby found a second winning ticket that had been forgotten about!

Ruby disturbed the second winning ticket, which was tucked inside a catalog when getting in the car after a long walk with owners Jane and Alan Slater. Jane said, “We had a lovely walk… chatting about the amazing start to the week with our Euromillions win and how lucky we had been. As we got back in the car to head home, Ruby hopped on to the back seat with me and disturbed this piece of paper inside a catalogue which gently floated down to my feet. I really can’t explain the way this piece of paper floated, it was like you see in slow motion in films, as though someone wanted me to notice it.”


Even more coincidentally, the date of their second win was on Ruby’s second Birthday! Jane and Alan have said that Ruby, and the couple’s other dog Kai, will be getting lots of special treats.

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Story and images via BBC

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