Dog Found Hiding In Oven Following Deadly Fires In Greece

Dogs are often considered as having a ‘sixth sense’ due to their ability to sense tiny changes in their surrounding environment, meaning that they can often predict earthquakes and storms long before their humans can. It’s quite a handy skill, really!

Perhaps the main benefit of their ‘intuition’ is the ability to arm themselves against what’s coming, with one dog recently taking advantage of their finely tuned senses…

With hundreds of animals thought to have died in fires across Greece, one terrified dog was found hiding in an oven in the village of Mati.

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© Sky News

The Poodle-cross was found singed yellow with burnt eyelashes and struggling to breathe. He was found in what is believe to have been an outdoor oven.

Whilst it is unknown what caused the fires, it is believed that they may have been started deliberately and have so far killed around 90 people and hundreds of pets and stray animals.

The lucky dog is believed to have been a stray, around four years old, and has been renamed Loukoumakis.

Animal rescue volunteer, Artemis Kyriakopoulou, who found the dog has said:

“I saw there was something like an (outdoors) oven, and I figured if anything were alive, it would be in there.”

After being cleaned up and groomed, the dog is said to be in good condition health-wise, and is being looked after by a local woman until a permanent home can be found.

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© Sky News

Speaking of her amazement at Loukoumakis’ progress, carer Diana Topali said:

“Even its eyelashes are burned, I wonder how this dog survived… He just looked like a burned, shaggy rug.”

We’re just happy that Loukoumakis survived the ordeal and now has a second chance at life!

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