Dog Fakes Breathing Problems So That He Can Be Carried

We all know that dogs can be sneaky little things, manipulating their owners into doing a whole number of things – usually because they just can’t be bothered to do it themselves!

Whether it’s throwing the toy and fetching it themselves or offering treats to get them to bribe them out of the way of the TV, they’ll do their utmost to get whatever they can.

One dog has been doing the rounds on Twitter after playing a particularly nifty trick on his owner – with a pretty hefty price tag, too!

Alf the dog has sent Twitter into a frenzy as his owner celebrated a year since she was forced to pay a £200 vet bill – only to be told that he was faking his breathing problems in order to be carried around!

Thankfully, Alf has now quit the habit after his true motive was uncovered, and will happily walk alongside his owner, Neva.

Now, she says, he only plays up when there’s food with onion and garlic cooking, he isn’t given his treat – a hard boiled egg – immediately in the morning, or if any excessive noise is made after 8pm, which warrants passive aggressive side eye!

It seems that Alf isn’t the only culprit, however, as Twitter users have come in their hundreds to respond to Neva’s post, revealing how their cats and dogs have played similar tricks…

And, our personal favourite…

We love the lengths that animals will go to to get what they want – in fact, we’re taking notes!

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