Dog Dies After Getting Head Stuck In Plastic Lunch Bag

Every owner worries about leaving their beloved pets home alone while they’re out and about, doing all that they can to pet-proof the place to avoid any kind of disaster.

Whilst we all know the obvious hazards to avoid – sharp objects, trip hazards and items likely to fall – it’s the obscure elements of the home that can often pose the biggest threat to our pets.

And it only takes a second…

A four year old dog has died after getting his head trapped in a plastic lunch box while his owner was out of the house for just one hour.

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Owner Pam Plummer was devastated when she returned home to find her beloved Beagle-Basset cross, Hector, dead in her home in Gamston, Nottinghamshire.

The dog had got his head trapped in the lunch bag after he managed to find his way upstairs, in spite of access being blocked.

Mrs. Plummer stressed that she and her husband, Peter Plummer, had been incredibly cautious about leaving hazards lying around due to regular visits from their three young grandchildren. Before leaving the house, Mrs. Plummer left Hector downstairs with a stair gate in place, that he somehow managed to break through.

Speaking of the devastating mishap, Mrs. Plummer’s son, Michael, has said:

‘He was my dad’s best mate and we spent a lot of time walking him together.

He was in complete shock when it happened. My parents are so so careful. Such a young dog’s life ended in such a bizarre way.”

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© Notts Post / BPM MEDIA

The family, along with animal charities, are now warning against the dangers that everyday household objects pose to pets.

An RSPCA spokesperson said of the dog’s unfortunate death:

“Bags pose a real risk to animals as they can get stuck inside them and suffocate, as was the case in this instance and it must have been very distressing for the dog’s owners.

We would always advise keeping plastic bags away from animals in the home.

Outside the home, plastic poses a real risk to animals too, and we would always ask the public to dispose of it responsibly, and where possible recycle.”

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